Meet Coach MJ


MJ Hunter

Women of color start 89% of the new businesses in the U.S. every. single. day!

That's 1,625 new businesses started every day. Think about that for a second.


Black and brown women who are hungry for opportunity, ready to lean in to build their own dreams, and sick of making somebody else rich are jumping out there and doing their own thing.

Consulting. Recruiting. Painting. Sculpting. Caregiving. Styling. Catering. Creating. Planning. Training. Inspiring. Manufacturing. Designing. Sewing. Cooking. Building. Communicating. Online. Brick and mortar. Whatever, wherever!

Most would love to be 100% self-employed doing what they love, but family, finances, frustration over past failures, and/or fear of the unknown hold them back.

So for many of them, their business aspirations are reduced to a random side gig or hobby that they do only on nights and weekends whenever they can fit it in.


Yet that's not enough.


Maybe you've been thinking about it, fantasizing about what it'd be like to stroll in there, shove a resignation letter in your boss's face, and take a leap of faith, betting on yourself.


You know you have what it takes. You've been doing it for your employer for years. And given the chance, you'd prove what you can do for yourself.

If only you knew how to get started..


I get it. I've been there.

As a Business Coach, my mission is to help professional black women to turn their hobby or side gig into a full-time businesses so they can leave the jobs they hate and work for themselves full-time doing what they love, even if they think it's impossible.

I bring energy, life experience, and business expertise to prepare African-American women to overcome financial, tactical, mental, and strategic challenges so they can achieve self-employment in record time.

Secret sauce: I only work with women of color who have a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit, take ownership for their success, and are teachable, resourceful disciplined, reliable, and action-oriented.

It takes more than an idea and excitement to build a solid, sustainable business. My clients discover how to clarify their business framework, lay the groundwork the right way, set themselves up for consistent success, and GET STARTED!

So if you're tired of dragging yourself into the office to endure another soul-sucking day in the cubicle, book your free Strategy Call and let's chat about whether you're a fit to put my proven business startup formula to work for you.