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Five Secrets Busy Working Moms Use to Win Back 10 Hours of ​​​​​​​Guilt-free ​​​​​​​“Me Time” Every Week ​​​​​​​to Escape the Overwhelm &

​​​​​​Start Living Life on Their Terms

The keys to stealing more free time to pursue your passions and wildest dreams, even with a full house & packed schedule

I know this probably isn’t the most popular viewpoint, but I’ll still say it: trying to “have it all” is the absolute worst way to start living your best life…and I know why.


Busy career moms are finding an extra 10 hours a week of personal time to recharge and rejuvenate themselves by doing all the things they love and fulfilling their wildest dreams. And they’re NOT sacrificing their families and careers in the process.


Society grooms women from childhood to put everyone else’s needs above their own, to try to do everything and be everything, and to feel guilty when they can’t. And while that might seem like a very unselfish philosophy, the truth is that self-sacrifice is the MOST selfish thing they can do.


Our method teaches women how to stop chasing their tail, enjoy more FREE TIME than ever before, and live life on their terms while still handling their responsibilities…practically overnight.


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