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"I highly recommend Mellanie’s program! I am way more organized and have more motivation to accomplish big tasks now. Before, I struggled with not doing anything at all that I needed to accomplish because I was so overwhelmed with how much it was. However, in this program, Mellanie showed me how I can definitely get to everything I need to do, just that there is a specific and efficient way of doing it. What’s amazing is that after our several sessions, not only did I complete the things on my to do list, I found that I had more free time left over for myself than I expected! I also learned that having such a dirty space around me caused me to lose motivation to accomplish the important things so something as small as cleaning one area first went a long way in helping! I am now able to spend more time doing the things I love, like playing my violin for hours or talking on the phone with my friends without feeling guilty! She coached me along the way with everything and always checked in on me, providing me with encouraging feedback and tips. Thanks, Mellanie! :)"

L. H.

Certified Nursing Assistant, ​​​​​​​Orchestra Musician, Pre-Med Student

"I used to waste whole days without achieving any of my short- or long-term goals. However, Mellanie was able to help me set up a system of time management that helps me to stay organized and focused on my tasks throughout the day. I have noticed that her system has helped me accomplish several projects I would not have been able to accomplish as soon or efficiently. Thanks, Mellanie!"

P. T.

Honors Graduate Student, ​​​​​​​Writer, Vocalist


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